I Inflicted a BMW on Myself: Part 7

I recently started up a fancier blog with Squarespace.  It's still in "free trial" mode.  I haven't made up my mind if I'm going to keep it yet, but I posted Part 7, "The Ultimate Start/Stop Engine Button" there. Check it out, and let me know what you think!  Should I stay on WordPress?  Or... Continue Reading →


I Inflicted a BMW on Myself: Part 6

source:  BMWUSA Website BMW Driving Experience Control Modes BMW uses a made-up word on their web page to describe their 4-Series cars: “Un4gettable”.  When I first saw that, my brain automatically deleted the “4”, and I only saw “Un-gettable”.  I think there must have been one honest BMW employee in the web application division who... Continue Reading →

I Inflicted a BMW on Myself: Part 5

The “Ultimate” Smartphone App One day, the executives at BMW woke up and decided they needed to invent a new “luxurious” feature their customers could carry with them at all times.  Something people could use to interact with their “Ultimate Driving Machine” whenever they wanted.  Something that might even interact back with them too.  So,... Continue Reading →

I Inflicted a BMW on Myself: Part 4

The BMW "Ultimate" Gauge Cluster When my wife got her BMW X5 M Sport, she was thrilled.  And who could blame her?  Just sitting in that opulent driver’s cockpit is an experience unto itself.  When you sit surrounded by luxurious leather on the seats, steering wheel, and the entire dashboard, as well as premium carpets,... Continue Reading →

I Inflicted a BMW on Myself: Part 3

Seat Belts. They save lives.  They’re the law.  They’re a good idea.  And in most cars, they operate in a predictable and acceptable way.  We get in our cars, sit down, and buckle up.  Pretty simple.  While driving, we don’t usually notice the seatbelt.  If it’s uncomfortable, most cars let us adjust the height up... Continue Reading →

I Inflicted a BMW on Myself: Part 2

Wheels. They have tires on them.  They spin round and round.  They are what the car rides on--and connects to the road with.  They're the reason we have the saying "...where the rubber meets the road..." Some are flashy, some are plain, some are steel, some are aluminum.  They come in all sorts of designs.... Continue Reading →

I Inflicted a BMW on Myself: Part 1

I'll preface this sad tale by admitting that everything you're about to read is a confession of sorts--me admitting that my choices were terrible, and that essentially, this was all my own fault. I inflicted a BMW on myself... and I've regretted it ever since.

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